Local Transparency in Brazil: Evaluating Compliance with the Access to Information Law in the States and Largest Cities

FGV's Second National Seminar on Government Transparency took place on September 22nd, 2016. The main objective of the report, around which the seminar revolved, was to evaluate local government transparency, both from general and specific perspectives. The report is divided into 7 chapters, including an introduction, which theorizes the complexities of local transparency as well as providing an executive summary of each chapter,  and a conclusion that sums up results and furnishes evidence of widespread unpreparedness in local government. One of the most pressing issues associated with a lack of compliance at the local level is the lack of effective oversight; neither the Accounting Courts (Tribunais de Contas), nor the Public Prosecutor, nor state or municipal Comptrollers have taken it upon themselves to safeguard the access to information law, save a few cases.

Among the more general findings, the FGV PTP's original evaluation on active transparency found low levels of compliance - most of which conflict with the findings of other indicators, such as those of the Public Prosecutor's Office and that of the Controller General (Ministry of Transparency). The Chapters are organized as follows:

  • Introduction and Executive Summary
  • Chapter 1: Evaluating Compliance with the Access to Information Law in Brazil's States and Largest Cities
  • Chapter 2: Evaluation of the transparency of municipal information technology and personal data management policies
  • Chapter 3: Transparency and Government Advertising: Increasing Expenditures and Accountability
  • Chapter 4: Transparency and Inequality in the Remuneration of Public Servants
  • Chapter 5: Public Funds and Nonprofit Organizations: Evaluating Transparency and Accountability
  • Towards a Conclusion: Political Will, Administrative Leadership, and Training.

The brochure is available  here.

Download the report:



 TRANSPARÊNCIA LOCAL NO BRASIL (relatório em espanhol) 


You can also download all the data from our Freedom of Information (FOI) requests and active transparency audit:

Respostas a Auditoria Geral (162 MB)