Evaluation of the Public Prosecutor's Office

Evaluation of the Public Prosecutor's Office

In 2015, the Public Transparency Program evaluated Brazil’s Ministério Público (MP), often referred to as the Public Prosecutor’s office. Given its constitutional independence and sweeping powers, the MP is often considered the country’s fourth branch of government. Here we replicated the questions we asked of judges and the judiciary in 2014 – on remuneration, promotions, careers, as well as safeguards against nepotism. To the 193 FOI requests sent out we received a 51% response rate, of which 27% were deemed minimally accurate or better. As with the judiciary, the MP has adopted no FOI-specific platform to send requests and appeals and receive responses. Read more in our report, Evaluation of Transparency in the Ministério Público.

Read the full audit here:

Avaliação de Transparência do Ministério Público


Download the answers to FOI requests here:

 MPF answers (53 MB)