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  • Working paper by Natalia Ferreira Rodrigues, Diego Faveri, and Gregory Michener examines the democratic standing and impact of a relatively untransparent tax debt relief program in Brazil, the Refis.
  • An article by PTP-FGV team members highlights over fifteen years of research on transparency and freedom of information evaluation across Latin America.
  • This report, presented to the Office of the Comptroller General and the Working Group for Brazil’s Commitments to the Open Government Partnership (OGP), presents data on subnational implementation and compliance with Access to Information Obligations.
  • The Global Conference on Transparency Research (GCTR) is the world’s premier conference on transparency. Together with Columbia Global Centers, Rio de Janeiro, FGV was the proud co-host of the 6th edition of the GCTR, "Measuring Transparency: Impact, Compliance, and Implementation".
  • The report, "The Brazilian State and Transparency" by the FGV Public Transparency Program conducted the audit by sending 264 requests for information to 40 courts throughout the country. The report evaluated the performance of each of the 7 questions that were sent individually, to determine which subjects were the most and least sensitive.
  • The report "Local Transparency in Brazil: Evaluating the Freedom of Information law compliance on states and big cities" was presented during the Second Seminar on Government Transparency. The event took place on September 22nd, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.
  • The audit evaluated all 29 agencies composing the Ministério Público. One in every two access to information requests did not receive an answer and merely one in four received a minimally precise answer. The audit´s findings point to a considerably low level of compliance with the Access to Information Law, despite disparities among agencies.